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02 CHARTA.jpeg


Concept and artistic direction: Silvia Morandi 

Dress design: Krystian Filip

Live performance: Silvia Morandi

Artistic advisoring: Michele Fucich

Ortstermin 22 Art Festival / Galerie du Nord Berlin,  Stadtschloss Moabit

iIn Kollaboration with SCOPE Berlin, Hiddenrooms and Errante (Italy)


The performances Charta and Border give new momentum to Morandi’s research on white paper and introduce a collaboration with the Polish dress designer Krystian Filip. In Charta, the paper dress designed by Filip becomes a contact element between body, air, and the architecture of a metallic outdoor staircase. Conceived as a multi-layered confluence of membranes rather than a real dress, this work opens the relationship between performer and paper to the outside world. The cavities and the sturdy parapets of the stairwell are resonating bodies for new interactions, sudden tensions and states of transition. The body is now exposed through the paper and beyond, but the solidity of the material, together with its lightness and transparency, still remains an epicenter—a kind of light diffuser—of the whole event.

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