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CHARTA is a material that is both fragile and resistant. 

Worn by the performer as an installation dress, it envelops the body; co-generated by her action, it supports and amplifies its own presence and movement. 

Emphasizing the transitions between levels dimensions, architectures of the space, she descends and ascends the steel stairs downward in the direction of the courtyard and upward in the direction of the sky.

Concept & Costume design: Silvia Morandi, Krystian Filip

Interpreter: Silvia Morandi

Artistic advisor: Michele Fucich

Ortstermin 22 Art Festival / Galerie du Nord Berlin,  Stadtschloss Moabit

iIn Kollaboration with SCOPE Berlin, Hiddenrooms and Errante (Italy)
















Schermata 2022-11-13 alle 15.40.31 (1).tiff
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